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Subchronic administration of GABAergic agonists elevates [3H]GABA binding and produces tolerance in striatal dopamine catabolism.

PM Beart, B Scatton, KG Lloyd

Brain Res | Published : 1985


Directly and indirectly acting GABAergic agonists were assessed for their ability to alter striatal dopamine catabolism after subchronic administration (7-14 days) via subcutaneously implanted osmotic minipumps. THIP, kojic amine and baclofen failed to alter striatal DOPAC and HVA concentrations, but THIP and kojic amine were effective after a single acute dose. Striatal GABA levels proved difficult to elevate when inhibitors of GABA transaminase were released from minipumps, but a high dose of gamma-vinyl GABA increased GABA by 44% of control, although striatal dopamine and DOPAC levels were unaltered. [3H]GABA binding studies revealed that THIP and kojic amine, but not baclofen or gamma-ac..

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