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Excitatory amino acid projections to the nucleus accumbens septi in the rat: a retrograde transport study utilizing D[3H]aspartate and [3H]GABA.

MJ Christie, RJ Summers, JA Stephenson, CJ Cook, PM Beart

Neuroscience | Published : 1987


Afferents to the nucleus accumbens septi utilizing glutamate or aspartate have been investigated in the rat by autoradiography following injection and retrograde transport of D[3H]aspartate. Parallel experiments with the intra-accumbal injection of [3H]GABA were employed to establish the transmitter-selective nature of the retrograde labelling found with D[3H]aspartate. The topography of cortical and thalamic perikarya labelled by D[3H]aspartate was extremely precise. D[3H]Aspartate labelled perikarya were found in layer V of agranular insular cortex; bilaterally within prelimbic and infralimbic subareas perikarya, but predominantly ipsilaterally. Ipsilateral labelling was observed in dorsal..

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