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Electrophysiological studies of the cholecystokininA receptor antagonists SR27897B and PD140548 in the rat isolated nodose ganglion.

PM Beart, E Krstew, RE Widdop

Naunyn-Schmiedeberg's Archives of Pharmacology | Published : 1996


With increased interest in the pharmacology of cholecystokininA (CCKA) receptors, including their trophic and mitogenic effects, the actions of two new non-peptide CCKA receptor antagonists, PD140548 and SR 27897B, were investigated in a convenient model system, the rat isolated nodose ganglion. CCK (1 nM-1 microM) caused concentration-dependent depolarisations when superfused over the nodose ganglion at 37 degrees C as measured by a silicone grease gap technique, and both CCKA antagonists caused significant rightward shifts in the concentration response curve to CCK. SR 27897B (3 and 10 nM) caused 7.9- and 17.9-fold shifts in the CCK concentration-response curve and the apparent-log KB valu..

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