Journal article

Ionic regulation of the binding of DL-2-amino-7-phosphono-[4,5-3H]heptanoic acid to synaptosome-enriched homogenates of rat cerebral cortex.

DT Manallack, PM Beart

Neurosci Lett | Published : 1986


The ionic requirements of the site labelled by DL-2-amino-7-phosphono-[4,5-3H]heptanoic acid ([3H]DL-2AP7) in synaptosome-enriched homogenates of rat cerebral cortex were examined using radioligand binding methodology. Binding of [3H]DL-2AP7 was increased by calcium and chloride ions by an apparently non-competitive mechanism. The actions of ions on specific binding displayed similarities to the effects of ions on DL-[3H]2-amino-4-phosphonobutyric acid and Cl-/Ca2+-dependent L-[3H]glutamate ([3H]Glu) binding sites but were more consistent with the Glu-C binding site.