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Direct visualization of cholecystokinin subtype2 receptors in rat central nervous system using anti-peptide antibodies.

LD Mercer, VQ Le, J Nunan, NM Jones, PM Beart

Neurosci Lett | Published : 2000


The cholecystokinin receptor, subtype 2 (CCK(2)R), is considered, based on receptor autoradiography, to be the predominant receptor for this peptide transmitter in the mammalian central nervous system. To directly visualize the CCK(2)R we utilized a convenient and sensitive immunohistochemical procedure using antipeptide receptor antibodies raised in rabbits against unique portions of the carboxyl tail and third intracellular loop of the CCK(2)R. Antibodies were characterized by ELISA and Western blotting, and used for immunohistochemistry in rat brain sections. Studies with both antibodies revealed a widespread topographic distribution of CCK(2)R-like immunoreactivity (CCK(2)R-LI) in region..

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