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Characteristics and localization of high-affinity kainate sites in slide-mounted sections of rat cerebellum.

AM Ganakas, LD Mercer, H Shinozaki, PM Beart

Neurosci Lett | Published : 1994


The characteristics and localization of high-affinity, kainic acid (KA)-sensitive glutamate sites have been investigated using a radioreceptor procedure to provide insights into specific high-affinity KA receptors identified in molecular biological studies. Binding sites identified by employing [3H]KA. in the presence of the AMPA-selective antagonist NBQX (1 microM), and slide-mounted, coronal sections of rat cerebellum were of high-affinity (Kd 6 nM) and possessed an unique pharmacological profile. Specific binding was to a single population of sites and fully inhibited by kainoids and glutamate, but essentially insensitive to AMPA and willardiines. Autoradiography revealed that the high-af..

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