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Effects of copper on dopaminergic function in the rat corpus striatum.

DJ De Vries, RB Sewell, PM Beart

Exp Neurol | Published : 1986


Copper-loading was produced in rats by administration of 0.125% CuSO4 in the drinking water for a period of 11 months from weaning. At conclusion of the treatment the animals had significant increases in liver (552%) and brain (26%) copper content relative to age-matched controls. Whereas the concentration of dopamine was unaffected, the concentration of 3,4-dihydroxyphenylacetic acid in the corpus striatum was found to be lower (25% decrease) in the copper-treated group. Saturation studies of the striatal D-2 dopamine receptors using [3H]spiperone indicated that in copper-loaded animals the affinity was significantly increased threefold, whereas there was a trend for the number of receptors..

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