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On GABA metabolism in the gliocyte cells of the rat pineal gland.

F Schon, PM Beart, D Chapman, JS Kelly

Brain Research | Published : 1975


The uptake of the inhibitory transmitter substance gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) into the adult rat pineal gland was studied autoradiographically using both light and electron microscopy. The sites of GABA uptake were shown to be exclusively present in the gliocyte cells of the gland following both in vitro incubation with tritiated GABA and after in vivo administration of the amino acid by intra-arterial injection. Both the pinealocyte cells and the numerous sympathetic axons in the gland were devoid of silver grains. Preliminary biochemical studies indicated that the gliocyte uptake process for GABA resembles that in the satellite glia of the sensory ganglia but differed from that in slic..

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