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Neurochemical studies of the mesolimbic dopaminergic pathway: [3H]spiperone labels two bindings sites in homogenates of the nucleus accumbens of rat brain.

PM Beart, D McDonald

J Neurochem | Published : 1982


The binding of [3H]spiperone to membranes of the nucleus accumbens of the rat brain was studied in vitro and found to be of high affinity, rapid, saturable, reversible and stereospecific. Dissociation and saturation experiments indicated the presence of two specific binding sites with apparent dissociation constants of 70 pM and greater than 1 nM. Specific binding with 25 pM [3H]spiperone represented greater than 90% of total binding and was displaced by dopaminergic agonists, neuroleptic drugs and ergot derivatives. The rank order of potency for the ergot derivatives was bromocryptine greater than pergolide greater than lergotrile, and that for D-2 antagonists was domperidone greater than s..

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