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The effects on central dopamine function of chronic L-dopa (methyl ester hydrochloride) treatment of mice.

J Tabar, M Hashizume, CJ Cook, PM Beart, DM Jackson

Pharmacol Biochem Behav | Published : 1989


Mice were treated for 28 days with drinking water containing L-DOPA methyl ester hydrochloride (DME) plus carbidopa, carbidopa alone, or with the vehicle. All mice were then given the vehicle for 1 day and behavioural and biochemical assessments made on the 29th day. On average, mice consumed between 181 and 302 mg/kg of DME (expressed as the base) each day. In behavioural experiments DME- and carbidopa-treated mice were subsensitive to the locomotor stimulating effects of apomorphine, after their pretreatment with reserpine plus alpha-methyl-p-tyrosine to remove endogenous stores of dopamine and to stop its synthesis. Even mice pretreated for only one day with chronic DME or carbidopa displ..

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