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Excitatory amino acid projections to the periaqueductal gray in the rat: a retrograde transport study utilizing D[3H]aspartate and [3H]GABA.

PM Beart, RJ Summers, JA Stephenson, CJ Cook, MJ Christie

Neuroscience | Published : 1990


The afferents to the periaqueductal gray utilizing excitatory amino acid transmitters have been described in rat brain by autoradiography following microinfusion and retrograde transport of D[3H]aspartate. Parallel experiments employing injections of [3H]GABA established that the retrograde labelling found with D[3H]aspartate was transmitter-selective. Following infusion of D[3H]aspartate, perikaryal labelling was found in nine subcortical areas, particularly infralimbic and cingulate cortices, with a predominance of ipsilateral labelled perikarya. Heaviest cortical labelling was localized in perirhinal cortex, in an extensive band of cells adjoining the rhinal sulcus. The hypothalamus conta..

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