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Intrahepatic synthesis of immunoglobulin in liver disease.

IJ Kronborg, PM Knopf, PS Bhathal, IR Mackay

Liver | Published : 1982


Patterns of intrahepatic immunoglobulin production were investigated by an in vitro biosynthetic labelling technique which measured the rate of Ig production in liver biopsy fragments. This technique depends on the incorporation of 3H-leucine into proteins synthesized by cells in the biopsy fragment and subsequently released into the culture medium, and precipitation of Ig with monospecific antisera. Intrahepatic Ig production was expressed as counts of radioactivity precipitated/g of liver tissue/24 h. Mean values were high in various inflammatory diseases of the liver, including alcoholic hepatitis (AH) (17 cases), IgG, 87.8, IgA, 105.6 and IgM, 14.7, chronic active hepatitis (CAH) (19 cas..

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