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The effect of hepatocyte enlargement on the hemodynamic characteristics of the isolated perfused rat liver preparation.

HJ Grossman, VL Grossman, PS Bhathal

Hepatology | Published : 1998


The influence of hepatocyte enlargement on intrahepatic hemodynamics was assessed in the isolated perfused rat liver preparation (IPRL) using two experimental models: hypotonic liver cell swelling and phenobarbitone-induced hepatocyte hypertrophy. The analysis of pressure-flow data obtained from the portal vascular bed over a flow range of 0 to 70 mL/min in the presence of a maximally-effective concentration of the vasodilator agent papaverine hydrochloride (6 x 10(-4) mol/L) enabled the calculation of P0, an estimate of the pressure required to passively distend the intrahepatic vasculature, and Gmax, the maximal portal vascular conductance. By comparison with an isotonic perfusion medium (..

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