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Morphological and immunohistochemical assessment of intrahepatic bile duct development in the rat.

JA Gall, PS Bhathal

J Gastroenterol Hepatol | Published : 1989


The hypotheses that intrahepatic bile ducts are derived either by a transformation of periportal liver cells or by dichotomous branching of the extrahepatic bile ducts were investigated in fetal and postnatal rat livers by histological and immunohistochemical methods using an antiserum to prekeratin which, in the liver, binds to biliary epithelial cells (BEC). In conventionally stained sections, bile duct development was observed to begin in the 19 day fetus around the larger branches of the portal vein, with the formation of lumina surrounded by cuboidal or elongated hepatoblast-like cells on the portal aspect and readily distinguished hepatoblasts on the lobular aspect. At 21 days, these s..

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