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Effects of intestinal adaptation on insulin binding to villus cell membranes.

GP Young, CL Morton, IS Rose, TM Taranto, PS Bhathal

Gut | Published : 1987


Insulin affects the expression of brush border enzymes by villus cells in vitro and in vivo. Physiological (lactation) and surgical (jejunoileal bypass) models of hyper- and hypoplasia were established so that insulin receptor characteristics could be related to villus histology, expression of sucrase and alkaline phosphatase, and plasma insulin concentrations. In lactating rats, villus height increased up to 55% (p less than 0.005), and fasting plasma insulin increased 71% (p = 0.005), compared with controls. Insulin binding to villus cell membranes, and sucrase and alkaline phosphatase activities were, however, unchanged. In ileum of bypass operated rats, villus height increased 134% (p le..

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