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Systemic factors are trophic in bypassed rat small intestine in the absence of luminal contents.

V Albert, GP Young, CL Morton, P Robinson, PS Bhathal

Gut | Published : 1990


Mucosal histology, crypt cell proliferation and brush border enzymes were measured in rats with varying degrees of jejunoileal bypass, in order to compare the effect of systemic and luminal factors on adaptive growth and differentiation (brush border enzymes) in small intestinal epithelium. Eighty five percent jejunoileal bypass caused a functional short gut; in intestine remaining in continuity there were significant increases in segmental weight, villus area and crypt depth, compared with sham operated controls and 25% jejunoileal bypass rats. Despite villus cell hyperplasia in 85% bypass rats, mucosal sucrase and alkaline phosphatase fell in jejunum and remained low in ileum, while leucin..

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