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Latency of pupillary reflex dilation during general anesthesia.

Merlin D Larson, Peter D Berry, Jacqueline May, Andrew Bjorksten, Daniel I Sessler

Journal of Applied Physiology | Published : 2004


Areas of insensibility produced by neuraxial anesthesia or peripheral nerve blocks can be detected during general anesthesia by failure of noxious stimulation to trigger pupillary reflex dilation. We examined the latency of pupillary reflex dilation and the effect of fentanyl on the latency of reflex dilation during anesthesia in nine volunteers. We hypothesized that the reflex was generated by slowly conducting C nociceptive fibers and would be significantly delayed if a distal dermatome (L(4)) was stimulated compared with a proximal dermatome (C(5)). We also hypothesized that fentanyl would prolong the latency and alter the shape of the reflex. After induction of general anesthesia, pupill..

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