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Alfentanil slightly increases the sweating threshold and markedly reduces the vasoconstriction and shivering thresholds.

A Kurz, JC Go, DI Sessler, K Kaer, MD Larson, AR Bjorksten

Anesthesiology | Published : 1995


BACKGROUND: Hypothermia is common in surgical patients and victims of major trauma; it also results from environmental exposure and drug abuse. In most cases, hypothermia results largely from drug-induced inhibition of normal thermoregulatory control. Although opioids are given to a variety of patients, the thermoregulatory effects of opioids in humans remain unknown. Accordingly, the hypothesis that opioid administration impairs thermoregulatory control was tested. METHODS: Eight volunteers were studied, each on 3 days: (1) a target total plasma alfentanil concentration of 100 ng/ml, (2) control (no drug), and (3) a target alfentanil concentration of 300 ng/ml. Each day, skin and core tempe..

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