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Neither nalbuphine nor atropine possess special antishivering activity.

R Greif, S Laciny, AM Rajek, MD Larson, AR Bjorksten, AG Doufas, M Bakhshandeh, M Mokhtarani, DI Sessler

Anesth Analg | Published : 2001


The special antishivering action of meperidine may be mediated by its kappa or anticholinergic actions. We therefore tested the hypotheses that nalbuphine or atropine decreases the shivering threshold more than the vasoconstriction threshold. Eight volunteers were each evaluated on four separate study days: 1) control (no drug), 2) small-dose nalbuphine (0.2 microg/mL), 3) large-dose nalbuphine (0.4 microg/mL), and 4) atropine (1-mg bolus and 0.5 mg/h). Body temperature was increased until the patient sweated and then decreased until the patient shivered. Nalbuphine produced concentration-dependent decreases (mean +/- SD) in the sweating (-2.5 +/- 1.7 degrees C. microg(-1). mL; r(2) = 0.75 +..

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