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Long-term outcome of sacral neuromodulation for chronic refractory constipation

Yasuko Maeda, Michael A Kamm, Carolynne J Vaizey, Klaus E Matzel, Claes Johansson, Harald Rosen, Cornelius G Baeten, Soren Laurberg



PURPOSE: Sacral neuromodulation has been reported as a treatment for severe idiopathic constipation. This study aimed to evaluate the long-term effects of sacral neuromodulation by following patients who participated in a prospective, open-label, multicentre study up to 5 years. METHODS: Patients were followed up at 1, 3, 6, 12, 24, 36, 48 and 60 months. Symptoms and quality of life were assessed using bowel diary, the Cleveland Clinic constipation score and the Short Form-36 quality-of-life scale. RESULTS: Sixty-two patients (7 male, median age 40 years) underwent test stimulation, and 45 proceeded to permanent implantation. Twenty-seven patients exited the study (7 withdrawn consent, 7 los..

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Funding Acknowledgements

This study was sponsored and monitored by Medtronic International Sarl. Carolynne J. Vaizey, Cornelius G. Baeten and Soren Laurberg received research grant from Medtronic. Michael Kamm has received research support from Medtronic in the past. Klaus Matzel has received research grants and is a consultant to Medtronic. Yasuko Maeda has received honorarium as speaker from Medtronic.