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What's in it for me: Exploring the real-world value proposition of pervasive displays

S Hosio, J Goncalves, H Kukka, A Chamberlain, A Malizia

PerDis 2014 - Proceedings: 3rd ACM International Symposium on Pervasive Displays 2014 | Published : 2014


The future of pervasive public display networks is loaded with high expectations. Non-commercial displays are commonly envisaged as proliferating in numerous contexts and domains, where they offer various uses for a variety of everyday users. In this paper we discuss why this vision is perhaps over optimistic and the realities of deploying, designing and understanding such systems should not be taken for granted. Understanding the value of public display deployments in respect to location managers, and the real-world costs of longitudinal in-the-wild deployments are both commonly overlooked in much of the related literature. Within this paper we develop a discussion in reference to several r..

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