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Revising the machine smoking regime for cigarette emissions: implications for tobacco control policy

David Hammond, Friedrich Wiebel, Lynn T Kozlowski, Ron Borland, K Michael Cummings, Richard J O'Connor, Ann McNeill, Greg N Connolly, Deborah Arnott, Geoffrey T Fong

Tobacco Control | B M J PUBLISHING GROUP | Published : 2007


BACKGROUND: The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control includes provisions for testing and regulating cigarette emissions. However, the current international standard for generating cigarette emissions--the ISO machine smoking regime--is widely acknowledged to be inappropriate for purposes of setting regulatory restrictions. OBJECTIVE: To review alternatives to the ISO machine smoking regime and the extent to which they: 1) Represent human smoking behaviour, 2) Reduce the potential for industry exploitation, particularly in the area of risk communication, and 3) Serve as suitable measures for product regulation. METHODS: Emissions data from 238 Canadian cigarette brands tested under the..

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