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Soil physicochemical factors as environmental filters for spontaneous plant colonization of abandoned tailing dumps.

Rosanna Ginocchio, Pedro León-Lobos, Eduardo Carlos Arellano, Vinka Anic, Juan Francisco Ovalle, Alan John Martin Baker

Environ Sci Pollut Res Int | Published : 2017


Abandoned tailing dumps (ATDs) offer an opportunity to identify the main physicochemical filters that determine colonization of vegetation in solid mine wastes. The current study determined the soil physicochemical factors that explain the compositional variation of pioneer vegetal species on ATDs from surrounding areas in semiarid Mediterranean-climate type ecosystems of north-central Chile (Coquimbo Region). Geobotanical surveys-including physicochemical parameters of substrates (0-20 cm depth), plant richness, and coverage of plant species-were performed on 73 ATDs and surrounding areas. A total of 112 plant species were identified from which endemic/native species (67%) were more abundan..

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