Journal article

Lupus anticoagulant in the elderly may be associated with both quinine and quinidine usage.

MR Bird, AI O'Neill, RR Buchanan, KM Ibrahim, J Des Parkin

Pathology | Published : 1995


Thirty-one patients aged over 60 yrs and with lupus anticoagulant (LA) were reviewed for their drug intake. Twenty-three (73%) were taking cinchona alkaloids, 10 (32%) quinine for night cramps, 11 (35%) quinidine for cardiac arrhythmia and 2 (6%) were taking both. These frequencies of drugs usage differed significantly from age and sex matched controls (p < 0.001). Five patients had features suggestive of the antiphospholipid syndrome. Repeat testing showed persistent LA activity in all but 2 of 5 patients in whom the relevant drug had been ceased. This is the first description of a possible causal association between LA and quinine therapy.

University of Melbourne Researchers