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Sunscreen use and intentional exposure to ultraviolet A and B radiation: a double blind randomized trial using personal dosimeters.

P Autier, JF Doré, AC Reis, A Grivegnée, L Ollivaud, F Truchetet, E Chamoun, N Rotmensz, G Severi, JP Césarini

Br J Cancer | Published : 2000


A previous randomized trial found that sunscreen use could extend intentional sun exposure, thereby possibly increasing the risk of cutaneous melanoma. In a similarly designed trial, we examined the effect of the use of sunscreens having different sun protection factor (SPF) on actual exposure to ultraviolet B (UVB) and ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation. In June 1998, 58 European participants 18-24 years old were randomized to receive a SPF 10 or 30 sunscreens and were asked to complete daily records of their sun exposure during their summer holidays of whom 44 utilized a personal UVA and UVB dosimeter in a standard way during their sunbathing sessions. The median daily sunbathing duration was 2..

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