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A phase II study of topotecan with vincristine and doxorubicin in children with recurrent/refractory neuroblastoma.

Alberto Garaventa, Roberto Luksch, Simona Biasotti, Gianluca Severi, Maria Rosa Pizzitola, Elisabetta Viscardi, Arcangelo Prete, Stefano Mastrangelo, Marta Podda, Riccardo Haupt, Bruno De Bernardi

Cancer | Published : 2003


BACKGROUND: A Phase II trial in children with advanced neuroblastoma was carried out in five Italian institutions to evaluate the antitumor activity and tolerability of topotecan followed by vincristine and doxorubicin. METHODS: Children older than age 1 year with Stage III or Stage IV neuroblastoma, all of whom had been treated previously with chemotherapy and were diagnosed with either refractory or recurrent disease, were treated with topotecan at an intravenous dose of 1.5 mg/m(2) (the dose was 0.75 mg/m(2) for patients who were treated within 1 year of previous megatherapy) per day for 5 days followed by 48-hour intravenous infusions of 2 mg/m(2) vincristine and 45 mg/m(2) doxorubicin. ..

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