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Circular luminescent solar concentrators

Maja Gajic, Fabio Lisi, Nicholas Kirkwood, Trevor A Smith, Paul Mulvaney, Gary Rosengarten



Luminescent solar concentrators offer the ability to architecturally integrate solar energy harvesting devices into the urban environment. In this paper, we demonstrate a novel LSC design that utilises flexible bifacial silicon ‘sliver’ solar cells. Circular LSCs were fabricated which allowed testing of both fluid and solid waveguides. Use of non-fluorescent silica nanoparticles as light scatterers revealed that a significant amount of light can be totally internally reflected to the edges of an LSC via light scattering alone. This leads to the concept of “frosted glass” LSCs, which may be useful where a large amount of light transparency is not required. Finally, flexible polymer polydimeth..

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Awarded by ARC

Funding Acknowledgements

The authors would like to thank Dr Tom Ratcliff from the Australian National University (ANU) for providing the silicon sliver solar cells and Heyou Zhang from the University of Melbourne, school of Chemistry and Bio 21 institute for the TEM images of the silica particles. PM acknowledges support through the ARC Grants: DP130102134, DP160104575 and CE170100026. This work was supported by ARENA - The Australian Renewable Energy Agency as part of the MUSIC (Micro Urban Solar Integrated Collector) project.