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Speciation in Indo-Pacific swiftlets (Aves: Apodidae): integrating molecular and phenotypic data for a new provisional taxonomy of the Collocalia esculenta complex

Frank E Rheindt, Les Christidis, Janette A Norman, James A Eaton, Keren R Sadanandan, Richard Schodde

ZOOTAXA | MAGNOLIA PRESS | Published : 2017


White-bellied swiftlets of the Collocalia esculenta complex constitute a radiation of colony-breeding swifts distributed throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific region. Resolution of their taxonomy is challenging due to their morphological uniformity. To analyze the evolutionary history of this complex, we combine new biometric measurements and results from plumage assessment of museum specimens with novel as well as previously published molecular data. Together, this body of information constitutes the largest systematic dataset for white-bellied swiftlets yet compiled, drawn from 809 individuals belonging to 32 taxa for which new molecular, biometric, and/or plumage data are presented. We pro..

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Awarded by Ministry of Education (Republic of Singapore) Tier I grant

Funding Acknowledgements

FER acknowledges a Ministry of Education (Republic of Singapore) Tier I grant WBS R-154-000-658-112. LC and JAN acknowledge funding from Parks Australia Northern Branch for DNA analysis. RS acknowledges several Collections Grants from the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) for work on its whole specimen collections. RS and JAE thank the curatorial officers of the following institutions for making their specimens available for study: AMNH, Australian Museum (AMS), Australian National Wildlife Collection (ANWC), Field Museum of Natural History (FMNH), Museum of Natural Science at Louisiana State University (LSUMNS), Museum Victoria (NMVM), Natural History Museum at University of Kansas (KUNHM), Natural History Museum (BMNH), Naturalis Biodiversity Center (NBC), Lee Kong Chian Museum of Natural History at National University of Singapore (LKCNHM) and Western Australian Museum (WAM). Walter Bock assisted RS in his work at the AMNH and Arjan Brenkman helped JAE during his visit to the NBC. Pamela Rasmussen deserves warm thanks for ample input on the text that helped improve the manuscript. We also acknowledge the helpful feedback by two anonymous reviewers.