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Estimating stand water use of large mountain ash trees and validation of the sap flow measurement technique.

RA Vertessy, TJ Hatton, P Reece, SK O'Sullivan, RG Benyon

Tree Physiol | Published : 1997


Mountain ash (Eucalyptus regnans F.J. Muell.) forest catchments exhibit a strong relationship between stand age and runoff, attributed inter alia to differences in tree water use. However, the tree water use component of the mountain ash forest water balance is poorly quantified. We have used the sap flow technique to obtain estimates of daily water use in large mountain ash trees. First, the sap flow technique was validated by means of an in situ cut tree experiment. Close agreement was obtained between the sap flow estimate of water use and the actual uptake of water by the tree from a reservoir. Second, we compared the variability in sap velocity between a symmetric and an asymmetric tree..

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