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Late Cenozoic tephrostratigraphy offshore the southern Central American Volcanic Arc: 1. Tephra ages and provenance

JC Schindlbeck, S Kutterolf, A Freundt, GE Alvarado, K-L Wang, SM Straub, SR Hemming, M Frische, JD Woodhead



We studied the tephra inventory of 18 deep-sea drill sites from six DSDP/ODP legs (Legs 84, 138, 170, 202, 205, and 206) and two IODP legs (Legs 334 and 344) offshore the southern Central American Volcanic Arc (CAVA). Eight drill sites are located on the incoming Cocos plate and 10 drill sites on the continental slope of the Caribbean plate. In total, we examined ∼840 ash-bearing horizons and identified ∼650 of these as primary ash beds of which 430 originated from the CAVA. Correlations of ash beds were established between marine cores and with terrestrial tephra deposits, using major and trace element glass compositions with respect to relative stratigraphic order. As a prerequisite for ma..

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Awarded by German Research Foundation

Funding Acknowledgements

We kindly thank the German Research Foundation for funding this project (Ku-2685/2-1&2), K. Strehlow, I. Rohr, and K. Fockenberg for sample preparation and M. Thoner, J. Fietzke, D. Rau, L. Bolge, F. Lin, Y. Chien, and C. Hung for lab assistance. We appreciate the support from INETER and ICE during fieldwork in Nicaragua and Costa Rica, respectively. Shipboard data and samples were provided by the Integrated Ocean Discovery Program. We thank two anonymous reviewers and Editor J. Feinberg for handling this manuscript. All geochemical data and sample locations are given in the Supporting Information Data Set S1 S9.