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Design of tissue-specific regulatory cassettes for high-level rAAV-mediated expression in skeletal and cardiac muscle

Maja Z Salva, Charis L Himeda, Phillip WL Tai, Eiko Nishiuchi, Paul Gregorevic, James M Allen, Eric E Finn, Quynh G Nguyen, Michael J Blankinship, Leonard Meuse, Jeffrey S Chamberlain, Stephen D Hauschka



Systemic delivery of recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) 6 vectors mediates efficient transduction of the entire striated musculature, making this an attractive strategy for muscle gene therapy. However, owing to widespread transduction of non-muscle tissues, optimization of this method would benefit from the use of muscle-specific promoters. Most such promoters either lack high-level expression in certain muscle types or are too large for inclusion in rAAV vectors encoding microdystrophin. Here, we describe novel regulatory cassettes based on enhancer/promoter regions of murine muscle creatine kinase (CK) and alpha-myosin heavy-chain genes. The strongest cassette, MHCK7 (770 bp), dire..

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