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RAAV6-Microdystrophin rescues aberrant golgi complex organization in mdx Skeletal muscles

Justin M Percival, Paul Gregorevic, Guy L Odom, Glen B Banks, Jeffrey S Chamberlain, Stanley C Froehner

TRAFFIC | WILEY | Published : 2007


Muscular dystrophies are a diverse group of severe degenerative muscle diseases. Recent interest in the role of the Golgi complex (GC) in muscle disease has been piqued by findings that several dystrophies result from mutations in putative Golgi-resident glycosyltransferases. Given this new role of the Golgi in sarcolemmal stability, we hypothesized that abnormal Golgi distribution, regulation and/or function may constitute part of the pathology of other dystrophies, where the primary defect is independent of Golgi function. Thus, we investigated GC organization in the dystrophin-deficient muscles of mdx mice, a mouse model for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. We report aberrant organization of ..

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