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Effect of self-determined intravenous infusion of hypertonic NaCl on Na appetite of sheep.

RS Weisinger, DA Denton, MJ McKinley

J Comp Physiol Psychol | Published : 1978


The time delay that occurs between a rapid, systemically produced change in Na balance and a change of voluntary Na intake was examined in Na-deficient sheep with a parotid fistula. They were trained to bar press in order to replace a daily Na deficit of 300--500 mmol. During basal conditions on different days, each delivery to a drinking cup consisted of either a small or a large amount of NaHCO3 solution. In the experimental situation, the small amount of NaHCO3 was delivered to the cup, but total Na delivered was made to equal that of the large amount by automatic concurrent infusion of hypertonic NaCl intravenously with each delivery to the cup. As a control, the concurrent intravenous i..

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