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Self-administered intravenous infusion of hypertonic solutions and sodium appetite of sheep.

RS Weisinger, DA Denton, MJ McKinley

Behav Neurosci | Published : 1983


The effects of self-administered iv infusion of hypertonic NaCl, mannitol, glucose, urea, or isotonic NaCl on Na appetite were studied. Sodium-depleted sheep were trained to bar press in order to replace Na deficits of 300-500 mmol. During basal conditions, each delivery to a drinking cup was 15 ml of .6 M NaHCO3 (9 mmol). In the experimental situation, an iv infusion (10 ml) was given automatically with each delivery to the drinking cup. The ingestion of NaHCO3 solution was significantly reduced by all of the hypertonic solutions, the largest decrease being caused by hypertonic NaCl or mannitol. The decreased intake was observed within 10 (with infusion of hypertonic NaCl, mannitol, or gluc..

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