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Inhibition of water intake by ouabain administration in sheep.

RS Weisinger, DA Denton, MJ McKinley

Pharmacology Biochemistry and Behavior | Published : 1977


Intracarotid infusion of ouabain (1280 ng/min) over 4 1/2 hr virtually abolished water intake of sheep in response to intracarotid infusion of either angiotensin II (800 ng/min) or 4 M NaCl (1.6 ml/min for 20 min. Ouabain treatment did not affect mean arterial pressure either before or during infusion of angiotensin. Neither ouabain nor angiotensin administration affected plasma [Na] or [K] or CSF [K]. During ouabain, but not during control infusion, angiotensin administration significantly decreased CSF [Na]. Ouabain administration also decreased water intake after 23 1/2 or 48 hr water deprivation. In the 23 1/2 hr deprivation experiments, food was made available immediately prior to water..

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