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A central osmosensitive receptor for renal sodium excretion.

EH Blaine, DA Denton, MJ McKinley, S Weller

The Journal of Physiology | Published : 1975


1. The effect on renal Na and water excretion of increasing the NaCl concentration of blood supplying the brain was investigated in conscious water-loaded sheep. Intracarotid infusion ot 4 M-NACl at 0-8 ml./min for 60 min was compared with equivalent intrajugular infusion. 2. A more rapid increase in renal Na excretion and urine osmolality occurred with the intracarotid infusions than with intrajugular infusions. 3. Intracarotid infusions of 2 M sucrose or fructose at 1-6 ml./min for greater increase in renal Na excretion, urine osmolality and a decrease in urine flow rate. 4. The results suggest that there are receptors in the brain sensitive to changes in extracellular tonicity which influ..

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