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Water drinking caused by intracerebroventricular infusions of hypertonic solutions in cattle.

MJ McKinley, DA Denton, D Gellatly, RR Miselis, JB Simpson, RS Weisinger

Physiol Behav | Published : 1987


Infusions into the lateral cerebral ventricle of hypertonic solutions of NaCl, mannitol or sucrose all induced water drinking in cattle. However, infusion of hypertonic NaCl caused a significantly greater water drinking response than did the infusions of mannitol or sucrose, despite the fact that CSF osmolality increase was similar. In contrast, hypertonic solutions of NaCl or mannitol had similar dipsogenic effects when infused intravenously. The intracerebroventricular infusions of hypertonic NaCl or mannitol did not affect the intakes of food or Na solution. The results are consistent with the hypothesis that both cerebral osmoreceptors and Na sensors are involved in regulating thirst in ..

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