Journal article

Osmoregulatory thirst in sheep is disrupted by ablation of the anterior wall of the optic recess.

MJ McKinley, DA Denton, LG Leksell, DR Mouw, BA Scoggins, MH Smith, RS Weisinger, RD Wright

Brain Res | Published : 1982


Ablation of the organum vasculosum of the lamina terminalis (OVLT) and adjacent midline tissue in the anterior wall of the optic recess of the third ventricle resulted in greatly reduced water drinking to intracarotid infusion of hypertonic NaCl in sheep. Daily food and water intake and angiotensin II drinking were not consistently reduced by these lesions. Tissue in or close to the OVLT is probably involved in osmotically induced water-drinking.

University of Melbourne Researchers