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Role of angiotensin in sodium appetite of sodium-deplete sheep.

RS Weisinger, DA Denton, R Di Nicolantonio, MJ McKinley, AF Muller, E Tarjan

Am J Physiol | Published : 1987


The role of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS) in the Na appetite of Na-deplete sheep was investigated. Intravenous infusion of the angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor, captopril, at 0.01 or 0.1 mg X kg-1 X h-1 did not cause any change in Na intake, although the higher dose caused a marked decrease in mean arterial blood pressure. Intravenous infusion of captopril at 1.0 mg X kg-1 X h-1 over 24 h decreased Na intake by 45-55% in the absence of any change in Na loss. The decrease in Na intake was restored to base-line level or above by concurrent intravenous infusion of angiotensin II (ANG II) at 3.8 or 24 micrograms/h over 24 h but not by intracerebroventricular (ICV) ANG II at 3.8 micro..

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