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The sinus nerve and baroreceptor input to the medulla of the cat.

J Lipski, RM McAllen, KM Spyer

J Physiol | Published : 1975


Electrical stimulation within the medulla of cats revealed that myelinated primary afferent fibres of the sinus nerve terminated within the immediate vicinity of the tractus solitarius and its nucleus. 2. The activity of neurones within this area was also evoked on sinus nerve stimulation, although few (17%) were activated within a latency compatible with monosynaptic excitation. Additional projections over polysynaptic pathways have been shown to the parahypoglossal area and to the area of the nucleus ambiguus. 3. These three areas were shown to contain neurones whose activity was enhanced by stimulation of the baroreceptor endings of the ipsilateral carotid sinus. 4. No evidence for a proj..

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