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Differential control of sympathetic fibres supplying hindlimb skin and muscle by subretrofacial neurones in the cat.

RA Dampney, RM McAllen

J Physiol | Published : 1988


1. Simultaneous recordings were made from postganglionic sympathetic fibres supplying hindlimb skin and skeletal muscle in chloralose-anaesthetized, artificially ventilated cats. Single-fibre activity was either isolated by dissection or discriminated from few-fibre preparations of fascicles in the left superficial peroneal or sural nerve (innervating hairy skin) and common peroneal nerve (innervating muscle). Vasoconstrictor fibres were identified by their spontaneous activity as well as their responses to stimulation of the lumbar sympathetic chain and to changes in baroreceptor activity. The baroreceptors were then denervated by bilateral section of the vagi, carotid sinus and aortic nerv..

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