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Classification of preganglionic neurones projecting into the cat cervical sympathetic trunk.

A Boczek-Funcke, K Dembowsky, HJ Häbler, W Jänig, RM McAllen, M Michaelis

J Physiol | Published : 1992


1. The spontaneous and reflex activity patterns of 167 single preganglionic axons dissected from the cervical sympathetic trunk were examined in chloralose-anaesthetized cats. Each neurone was classified into one of four major groups, on the basis of three principal criteria: the presence or absence of significant cardiac rhythmicity of the activity, the response to noxious stimulation of the skin, and the coupling of its activity to central inspiratory drive (phrenic nerve activity). Most neurones were also subjected to additional tests, which included carotid chemoreceptor stimulation, nasopharyngeal probing, systemic hypercapnia (ventilation with 8% CO2), hyperventilation, adrenaline-indu..

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