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Modification of the reflex response to stimulation of carotid sinus baroreceptors during and following stimulation of the hypothalamic defence area in the cat.

PW Humphreys, N Joels, RM McAllen

The Journal of Physiology | Published : 1971


1. The effects of stimulation of the hypothalamic defence area on carotid sinus baroreceptor reflexes have been investigated by examining the cardiovascular responses to a 15 sec period of increased pressure within the vascularly isolated carotid sinus before, during, and immediately following a 25 sec period of hypothalamic stimulation.2. Identification of the hypothalamic defence area was based on the occurence of atropine-sensitive muscle vasodilatation. Electrode positions were confirmed by histological examination.3. During hypothalamic stimulation the reflex fall in blood pressure resulting from a rise in sinus pressure was found to be undiminished whether sinus pressure was raised at ..

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