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Identification and properties of sub-retrofacial bulbospinal neurones: a descending cardiovascular pathway in the cat.

RM McAllen

J Auton Nerv Syst | Published : 1986


Experiments were performed on 21 chloralose-anaesthetized, paralyzed cats to identify electrophysiologically the bulbospinal vasomotor neurones of the rostral ventrolateral medulla. Neurones were recorded from a small region close to the ventral medullary surface (sub-retrofacial nucleus), where previous studies had localized points where microinjected excitant amino acids produced large pressor responses. A total of 157 neurones in this region were antidromically activated by electrical stimulation in the spinal cord, 132 from the ipsilateral dorsolateral funiculus at lower cervical level and 25 from the intermediolateral horn at T1. Of the cells tested, 33/34 were excited by iontophoresis ..

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