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The carotid chemoreceptor input to the respiratory neurones of the nucleus of tractus solitarus.

J Lipski, RM McAllen, KM Spyer

J Physiol | Published : 1977


1. An investigation has been made into the connexions between the carotid body chemoreceptors and the dorsal respiratory neurones of the cat's medulla.2. In confirmation of previous work these neurones were found to be all inspiratory in firing pattern and to fall into two categories, Ralpha (forty-four units) which fire only with the central inspiratory rhythm and Rbeta (thirty-two neurones) that are also excited by lung inflation. Both categories were shown to be excited by stimuli delivered to the carotid bodies during inspiration but, with a single exception, not during expiration.3. When Rbeta neurones were made to fire tonically in expiration by maintained lung inflation, chemoreceptor..

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