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Effect of VDUs on the eyes: report of a 6-year epidemiological study.

BL Cole, JD Maddocks, K Sharpe

Optom Vis Sci | Published : 1996


One thousand, three hundred and sixteen office workers [692 visual display unit (VDU) users, 624 controls in the first year] were examined once each year over a 6-year period to establish whether or not VDU work was a factor in the occurrence of visual symptoms, ocular abnormalities, or ocular disease. Statistical analysis showed that although there were differences between VDU users and nonusers in the amount of myopia, the prevalence of some symptoms, and the prevalence of signs of fundal or vitreal disease, the differences were small and there were no clear trends or patterns to lend convincing support to the hypothesis that VDU work may be a risk factor. There were no significant differe..

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