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Estimating age and age class of harvested hog deer from eye lens mass using frequentist and Bayesian methods

David M Forsyth, Mathieu Garel, Steve R McLeod-



Estimation of the age or age class of harvested animals is often necessary to interpret the condition and dynamics of wildlife populations. The mammalian eye lens continues to grow until death and hence the dry mass of the eye lens has commonly been used to estimate the age of mammals. The method requires the relationship between eye lens mass and age to be parameterized using individuals of known age. However, predicting age is complicated by the curvilinear relationship between eye lens mass and age. We used frequentist and Bayesian methods to predict the ages and age classes of harvested hog deer Axis porcinus from eye lens mass. Deer were tagged as calves and harvested 4-177 months later..

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