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Century-scale effects of invasive deer and rodents on the dynamics of forests growing on soils of contrasting fertility

David M Forsyth, Deborah J Wilson, Tomas A Easdale, Georges Kunstler, Charles D Canham, Wendy A Ruscoe, Elaine F Wright, Lora Murphy, Andrew M Gormley, Aurora Gaxiola, David A Coomes



Understanding the long-term impacts of invasive mammalian browsers and granivores in mixed forests is difficult due to the many processes potentially affecting the demography of long-lived trees. We constructed individual-based spatially explicit simulation models of two mixed conifer-angiosperm forests, growing on soils of contrasting phosphorus (P) availability, to investigate how browsing by invasive red deer (Cervus elaphus scoticus) and granivory by invasive rodents (primarily house mouse Mus musculus) might alter forest dynamics. Models were parameterized with field data. Seedling growth and survival rates were estimated inside and outside deer exclosures. Seed predation rates were est..

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Awarded by New Zealand Ministry of Science and Innovation via Ecosystem Resilience Outcome-Based Investment

Funding Acknowledgements

This research was funded by the New Zealand Ministry of Science and Innovation via Ecosystem Resilience Outcome-Based Investment (Contract C09X0502), investment of Landcare Research's retained earnings, the New Zealand Department of Conservation, the Natural Environmental Research Council (UK), the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, and University of Cambridge. We acknowledge the sustained efforts of R. Allen (Landcare Research) in developing and leading the Waitutu Forest project since its inception in 2000. We are grateful for the assistance of Department of Conservation (former Murihiku Area) staff in this project, particularly C. West during the establishment phase, and to T. Metzger and other members of the Waitutu Incorporation for permission to work on iwi land. J. Groters (Wairaurahiri Jet) and the pilots at South West Helicopters assisted with transport.