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Testing the metabolic theory of ecology: allometric scaling exponents in mammals.

Richard P Duncan, David M Forsyth, Jim Hone

Ecology | Published : 2007


Many fundamental traits of species measured at different levels of biological organization appear to scale as a power law to body mass (M) with exponents that are multiples of 1/4. Recent work has united these relationships in a "metabolic theory of ecology" (MTE) that explains the pervasiveness of quarter-power scaling by its dependence on basal metabolic rate (B), which scales as M(0.75). Central to the MTE is theory linking the observed -0.25 scaling of maximum population growth rate (rm) and body mass to the 0.75 scaling of metabolic rate and body mass via relationships with age at first reproduction (alpha) derived from a general growth model and demographic theory. We used this theory ..

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