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Increasing Himalayan tahr and decreasing chamois densities in the eastern Southern Alps, New Zealand: evidence for interspecific competition.

David M Forsyth, Graham J Hickling

Oecologia | Published : 1998


There is anecdotal evidence that increasing densities of Himalayan tahr (Hemitragus jemlahicus) are associated with declining densities of chamois (Rupicapra rupicapra) in the Southern Alps, New Zealand. To examine this phenomenon, densities of tahr and chamois were measured at 53 sites within their sympatric range in the eastern Southern Alps during 1978-1979. In sites where only one species was present, tahr density was significantly higher than chamois density (P=0.032), probably reflecting species differences in sociality. Chamois density was higher in catchments without tahr than in those with tahr (P=0.012). Similarly, tahr density was significantly higher at sites without chamois than..

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